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Bierstadt Kulmbach with Plassenburg

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Worthwhile is an excursion to the margrave city Kulmbach (about 20 km). A picturesque old town and winding old streets and fortified walls and towers welcome you.

Kulmbach is located near the confluence of the Red and White Mains and is known worldwide for its beers, which is reflected in the annual Beer Week. Furthermore, in the birthplace of the entertainer Thomas Gottschalk there is one of the largest castles in Germany, the Plassenburg.

The huge castle complex was first mentioned in 1135 and came in 1340 in the possession of the burgraves of Nuremberg. It began the rule of the Hohenzoller over the Plassenburg, which extended to the end of the 18th century. Finally, Kulmbach fell to Bavaria in 1820 and the castle served in the subsequent period u.a. as a prison and prisoner-of-war camp.

The Plassenburg offers visitors a fantastic view over the city and houses the German Pewter Figurine Museum, the largest of its kind in the world. Over 300,000 pewter figures can be seen here, which reproduce the history of mankind in charts.

At the foot of the Plassenburg are numerous inns and beer gardens, which invite you with their culinary delights to get to know the Franconian cosiness.