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Fancy Nordic Walking?

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But what does "Nordic Walking" actually mean?

"Nordic Walking" is primarily an endurance sport in which swift walking is supported by the use of sticks. The advantage over the normal walk-walking is the higher intensity, because due to these Nordic walking sticks additionally the upper body musculature is claimed.

Naturally, the Nordic Park in the Fichtelgebirge with its countless hiking trails offers ideal conditions for practicing this sport. The area includes easy routes around Bad Berneck, but also challenging climbs and different elevation differences, which make Nordic walking in the region a varied experience for young and old. Around 80 kilometers of hiking trails offer beginners and advanced skiers exactly the right profile and the desired variety to be physically active in the great outdoors.

In order to bring Nordic Walking closer to the beginner, a billboard at the entrance to the spa park displays warm-up and stretching exercises. There are also 7 routes of varying lengths and levels of difficulty, all of which start here and stretch from 4.5km to 14.9 km.

Above all Bad Berneck offers sports enthusiasts with its wide-ranging valleys and estuaries a large selection of impressive hiking trails.

Starting at the tower towering above the city, past the historically designed colonnades, you always get to the heart of the romantic spa park, orientated towards the lively, splashing the river Ölschnitz. A short stopover at the refreshing Kneipp baths as well as a game of miniature golf provide plenty of variety to ensure a relaxing holiday.

Past the animal enclosure and a species-rich duck pond you can admire the charming fountains and ancient bridges that reflect the past of the Ölschnitztal. For lovers of history invites you to a detour to the medieval ruins of the town of Bad Berneck. Passing the castle tower and the ruins of the Marienkapelle and Hohenberneck, all the historically relevant remnants of a once-in-a-lifetime civil war, you reach the castle chapel of Stein on the ridges that surround the city.