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Hiking in Bad Berneck in the Fichtelgebirge mountains

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Near the Hotel Heissinger the hiker will find the beginning of a wide range of hiking trails through the idyllic Ölschnitztal or on the ridges of the small town of Bad Berneck surrounded by 7 mountains.

The Thiesenring holds a leading position.

This is an informative and very varied 10 km long circular hiking trail, which is rightly called one of the most beautiful hiking trails in northern Bavaria due to its fantastic viewpoints through the idyllic region. Numerous picture and text panels on various topics about Bad Berneck are to be emphasized....

Here are some hiking tips: Thiesenring - the great hiking trail.

The Jean-Paul Circular Trail also stands out with pictures and text material with information, embellished with quotations from and about Jean Paul.

On the castle hiking trail the interested hiker gets to know the Middle Ages with castle ruins from 3 building eras on display boards.

On the Via Imperii, for example, he walks to the landmark of the town of Bad Berneck, the castle tower, before reaching Hohenberneck Castle via the ruins of the Marienkapelle chapel. The hiker enters a scenic natural beauty when he walks through the Ölschnitztal". Along the leisurely meandering river Ölschnitz, the path leads through the spa gardens of Bad Berneck, past the duck pond to reach Bischofsgrün.